This Is One Jerusalem Tour You Don't Want To Miss!

Experience the full breadth of a truly reunited Jerusalem by visiting the Old Jewish Quarter (today’s Christian and Muslim Quarters). See how the old Jewish neighborhoods that once held within them the majority of Jerusalem’s residents have once again begun to be rebuilt.  From the Flowers Gate, where Jews lived in the time of the Crusades to Hebron Street that served as the center of the Old Jewish Quarter, tour participants will see the frontlines of Jewish land reclamation in a way no one else can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How long is the tour?

Each tour lasts between two and half to three hours.  We start the walking tour from Jaffa Gate and end at the Kotel.

Is safety provided?

We know that there is some apprehension about walking through these areas, but thankfully most of our guides are armed and there is plenty of security in al areas of the Old City. Ateret Cohanim works hand in hand with the Jerusalem police and security services.

What is unique about the tour and Ateret Cohanim?

Ateret Cohanim stands at the forefront of Jewish Land Reclamation in Jerusalem. Beyond ensuring a united Jerusalem, Ateret Cohanim works to redeem property once held by Jews in Israel’s capital as well as reestablishing Jewish neighborhoods in the heart of the Old City and its surrounding areas.

Ateret Cohanim’s educational tours and in depth seminars bring visitors to the frontlines of urban pioneering in the eternal Jewish capital. These tours are more than political – they bring history, spiritual connection, and national redemption together in an unforgettable journey into the heart of Jerusalem’s Old City.

What is the route of the tour?

Below is a map of the main and alternative tour routes.  Sometimes the routes do change depending on the needs and wants of the participants. 

How much does a tour cost?

Tours cost 100 shekels per person with a minimum of 4 people in each group. Educational institutions can receive a discount to be worked out ahead of time.