Kidmat Tzion

By 1928, 598 dunams was purchased by the Collective Society in Abu Dis, which now had a formal and legal Jewish title to the whole area. According to records, 203 Jewish members of the “Agudat  HaDayarim’ Cooperative Society paid good money in Egyptian Lira for the 598 dunams of land. Because of the great interest by people to purchase parcels of land via the Cooperative, it was decided to also acquire a further 600 dunams in the area, at a reasonable price, even before the actual building of the neighborhood took place.

There are now 10 Jewish families in the neighborhood with 400 residential units in the process of being approved.

Kidmat Tzion is critical for preventing a “Palestinian” Arab connection between a future capital in Abu Dis and the Holy Basin. In fact, more than likely it was the ten families that allowed the “Deal of the Century” to secure a united Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty.