Northern Jewish Quarter

The Northern Jewish Quarter was the epicenter of Jewish life in Jerusalem at the time of the Crusader siege of 1099, which effectively wiped it out. From the Flowers Gate Compound where the forces of Duke Godfrey broke into the Old City and then went on to wipe out the entirety of the Jewish Quarter located there to ancient deposits of broken vessels from the Temple, the Northern Jewish Quarter is a treasure of immense historical and spiritual importance.

The Northern Jewish Quarter stretches from the Flowers Gate (Herod’s Gate) Eastward and South towards the Northern side of the Temple Mount.

Today it houses more than 20 families spread out in a number of properties as well as Flowers Gate Archeological Dig.

The growing residential population has pushed Ateret Cohanim to recently expand the child care facilities at Beit Prachim making the area a growing neighborhood of strategic, historical, and religious significance.