Ateret Cohanim offers VIP Tours that are designed as educational experiences that takes participants to the frontlines of urban pioneering in Jerusalem. Experience the intersection of history, redemption, and geo-politics at the epicenter of the Jewish World. Our tours are a unique opportunity that are both exciting and informative that are designed for first time travelers as well as experienced Israeli tourists.

Explore the neighborhoods of Jerusalem where Jewish communities once thrived and are now actively being rejuvenated. Walk through the Old Jewish Quarter which is today’s Muslim quarter and learn about pre-State Jerusalem when the Jewish people made up a majority of the city’s inhabitants.

Participants start at two possible points: Yaffo Gate or the Cardo. Our guides will lead the group through the Christian Quarter and learn about the large population of Jews living there and then walk on top of the Shuk and down onto Hebron Street, renamed Al-Khladiya after 1948. There the group will witness the prophecy of Zechariya: “And the squares of the city shall be crowded with boys and girls playing in the squares,” as the street once considered the mainstreet of the Old Jewish Quarter is once again filled with life.

From there the group will come close to the Holy of Holies in the Cotton Market and then walk to the Kotel HaKatan, “Small Western Wall”.

The tour will continue to the Flowers Gate neighborhood, uncovering a Jewish presence dating back to pre-Crusader time, when Jews and Moslems worked together to defend Jerusalem.

The guide will then bring the tour back around to the highlight, the famous Mediterranean Hotel, where Mark Twain stayed on his famous journey. Participants will feel instantly connected to this intersection of American and Israeli history.

The tour ends back at the Kotel plaza.

Experience Jerusalem from a completely different vantage point. Learn why the renewed Jewish neighborhoods that surround the Holy Basin are so vital for the city’s unification.

Our guides will take you to the strategic neighborhood of Kidmat Tzion that is being built on Jewish Land acquired in the 1920’s.

The tour continues to the Flowers Gate of the Old City, where not only will you see renewed Jewish life in what was once a thriving Jewish neighborhood, but you will stand in the same area that the crusaders broke through to take the Holy City in 1099.

Our guides will then take you to the the former Mediterranean Hotel, where you can stand under the same roof as Mark Twain did during his famous journey to the Land of Israel in 1867.

The tour ends at the Kotel.

Similar to the Old City Walking tour with a different focus. Experience the Old City through the eyes of the Synagogues, past and present that formed the basis of Jewish continuity from the destruction of the Temple to the return of Jewish sovereignty in 1967.

The tour starts at the Churva and visits numerous synagogues in today’s Jewish quarter before moving to the Old Jewish Quarter in what is known today as the Muslim Quarter.

Visit the Ohel Yitzhak Synagogue, Ateret Yerushayim Yeshiva, Zilberman Yeshiva Compound, and the assumed site of the Syrian synagogue destroyed by the Crusaders in 1099.