Ateret Cohanim Virtual Tours

During these days when travel to Israel is limited we offer the opportunity to

“go on tour” with us to the neighborhoods of Ateret Cohanim.


The Shield of Jerusalem

Follow Daniel Luria as he takes you on the Shield of Jerusalem.  Visit Abu Tour for some breathtaking views and the drive deep into Jerusalem’s Arab neighborhoods and stand at the base of the reborn Shiloach neighborhood.  Afterwards Daniel will take you on top of the Mount of Olives for a visit to Maale Zeitim and then finish off in the small but promising neighborhood of Kidmat Tzion whose 10 families have protected Jerusalem’s Holy Basin from being taken over by the PA.

Old City Tour Part One

In this first part of our Old City Jerusalem Tour, experience the winding streets and alleys of the Old Jewish Quarter, which lies in today’s Christian and Muslim Quarters.  Experience revitalization and learn about the history of what makes these areas important to the Jewish people.

Old City Tour Part Two

In this second part of our Old City Tour, Daniel Luria takes us to the Ateret Yerushalayim Yeshiva and then onward to Beit Wittenberg, the site of the famous Mediterranean Hotel. The tour finishes on top of Beit HaTzalam with a magnificent view of the Temple Mount.

The Yemenite Village

In this the fourth of our series on the communities of Ateret Cohanim, we feature the Yemenite Village, also known as Kfar HaTeimanim.  This community, developed well over 150 years ago by Yemenite Jews who traversed the long journey from Yemen to Israel was home to well over 150 families.  Due to Arab riots and pogroms in the 1920.s and 30’s the community was forced to leave.  The Arabs desecrated the synagogue, squatted in the homes that were left standing and tried to erase the Jewish presence.  Nearly 15 years ago Ateret Cohanim began the process of rebuilding the community.  Join us as we tour this growing and strategic community.