The Flowers Gate Dig

The Flowers Gate, located in the Northern part of the Old City also known as the Northern Jewish Quarter was the site where the Crusaders broker through the city walls in 1099. Many historians say it is also the site of the Jewish Quarter at the time of the Crusader siege.

Ateret Cohanim not only has enabled residents to live next to the Flowers Gate in Beit Prachim as well as the many other residences in the are, but has begun an archeological dig in preparation for 22 new residential units in the area. This dig has been critical as it not only has uncovered artifacts from the Second Temple era, but when it finishes will help us to understand various strata of Jewish life in Jerusalem over the last 2,000 years.

This projects needs everyone’s help in continuing this important dig where not only the experts can take part, but so can you at the dig’s visitors’ center.