Yemenite Village/Shiloach

The Old Yemenite Village also known as Kfar Shiloach and today called Silwan by the international community was the center of Yemenite Jewish life, just outside of the Old City walls. In 1891 there were already 45 houses of the Ezrat Nidachim society standing. The houses were consecrated “to the Jewish poor of Jerusalem” and named “the Hekdesh (consecration) houses.”

Yemenite Village Located to the South of Jerusalem’s Old City

Due to Arab pogroms between 1929 and 1938, the Yemenite Village withered away until no Jew remained. Arabs came and ransacked the houses and synagogue, brining many Torah scrolls and holy books.

From Exile to Redemption

Thanks to the work of Ateret Cohanim and dedicated pioneering families, today there are 22 families in the neighborhood and the Yemenite Synagogue is completely in Jewish hands again.