How fitting for the precious soul that was snatched from us far too young. ROSE ELISHEVA LUBIN died a hero, guarding the walls of our holy city Jerusalem, doing the work she loved best because she knew how important it was.

I didn’t know Rose at all, yet somehow my soul feels deeply connected to her. I learned about the tragic attack from my husband, who grew up with her family in Atlanta. My middle name is Rose, and we share similar stories, in the sense that at 18 both of us moved across the world to Israel.

Rose chose the heroic and selfless job of defending our country, and I spent my year learning in seminary.

Both of us were drawn to the Old City, and the majestic gates that protect our holy Kotel. Rose stood guard at the Damascus gate, decked in protective gear and on high alert at all times. I had my sacred Sunday morning ‘jogs’ where I would discreetly shuffle in my seminary uniform through the streets of Meah Shearim, speed through Damascus gate and make my way to pray at the Kotel for an hour. I took my safety for granted.

I could never have imagined dying for my country as a 20 year old.

I am awed and inspired by Rose’s lofty ideals.

How at such a young age she knew what mattered and was ready to give her life for it. How many of us are living our lives that way?

Her family describes her as a fearless and fierce Bas Yisrael. Yet, she had the most angelic glowing face. Her eyes always shining, a light exuding from within. A light so pure, the darkness of the world couldn’t extinguish it. And while her body may have physically been taken from us today, her Neshama’s light remains with all of us, as an example of what we become as Jewish women.

Rose, we will never let your light stop shining✨

Rus Elisheva bas Chaim David, a name that carries meaning and depth.

Rus is the mother of Moshiach and Elisheva mean’s God’s promise. She is the daughter of David. Rus, we are waiting for you to herald the Mashiach, we know it is coming soon, and we won’t stop davening until we are dancing with you at the Gates of Jerusalem.

Beatie Deutsch

Article by ateretcohanim

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