7/10: Israel’s National Wake Up Call

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ECT (ElectroConvulsive Therapy) is like a “reset” button that can sometimes help certain people with extreme anxiety-depression or other psychological issues, where other treatments fail.

The barbaric attack and massacre by Hamas-ISIS-Amalek on 7/10 was like a NATIONAL RESET BUTTON. (It was “our 9/11” but 10 times greater magnitude)

The “Black Shabbat” on Simchat Torah was tragically, the most horrible and devastating wake up call for our beautiful and everlasting nation, army, intelligence services and Government.

We had been duped or lulled into a lax approach to the build up of Hamas beyond the so-called impregnable security wall. 

We had closed our eyes to the inctiement and education in Gaza and in the PA controlled areas in Judea and Samaria. 

Our various governments’ policies spoke of Arab work permits, money and goods flowing into Gaza, that will keep the enemy at bay and satisfied.

We had the Iron Dome and security wall with technological devices. All was meant to be ok. We had fixed national blinkers….blinders !!!!

“Land for peace” and leaving Gaza (Gush Katif) was the answer to peace.

We were told that the Arabs have no motivation to attack. We were even numbed into ACCEPTING rockets landing in Israel. 

(Which country would accept ONE MISSILE landing in its town squares?).

We stupidly accepted these missiles and refused to act on all evidence showing that we have an enemy ready to attack and wipe out the Jewish people, as they themselves declared time and time again.

The writing was on the wall – but on the “inside” of the “security wall”  in Gaza and so we were totally blind.

WE HAD GONE TO SLEEP and did not fulfil our basic obligation to protect our citizens of Gush Katif (Back in 2005 and due to the false “peace” of Oslo) and now we had failed the citizens of kibbutzim and settlements down south on the Gaza border in Israel.

We have now paid an inconceivable price with over 1400 people brutally and mercilessly massacred and over 240 hostages taken to the hell of Gaza.

It was the watershed moment for Am Yisrael and we are not the same people as before the 7th October.

The “national ECT” has changed us as a people.

NOW we understand who is the Arab enemy at our back doorstep. 

NOW we realize that Hamas must be properly crushed and stripped of its ability to govern and attack Israel.

NOW we realize that NO rockets indiscriminately fired into Israel should be acceptable.

NOW we hopefully understand that it’s not just Hamas, but it’s a huge Arab Palestinian support base. And that there is little difference between Hamas and the PA. (Some Israeli Arabs and others may possibly understand the gravity of the massacre and the need to crush Hahas and “free” Gaza of such hate.)

NOW we understand the fallacy and disaster of “land for peace” and the 2-State solution.(Closer to nightmare and problem than solution) .

NOW we have understood that many policies and theories of so-called military experts and ministers were simply wrong and failed.

NOW we can see that the “axis of evil and hatred” towards the Jewish State is real and it’s on our borders – from the closer PA/HAMAS, Hezbollah, Syria, Houthis of Yemen and to the head of the snake/octopus – Iran.

NOW we are truly united as a people at many levels.

NOW we see “mesirut nefesh” par excellence. (Self sacrifice of Jews from all walks of life)

NOW we have internalized the idea of ARVUT – caring/considering/thinking of the other.

NOW we understand that infighting and senseless hatred between Jews can’t be part of our lives in any shape or form.

NOW we (Police/Army/Courts) are treating Arab incitement or support of terrorism in a serious manner.(May this continue even after the war)

NOW we see how virulent antisemitism is “alive and well” throughout the world.

NOW it’s time for Am Yisrael to come home to Israel. Your home is not in exile.

AND NOW we have understood that the issue and struggle against the Arabs-Palestinians is not about land. 

This is a religious ideological battle between the sons of Abraham.

Sadly, many Arabs in the Moslem world will never accept that we – the Jewish People who are the indigenous people of this land have a right to exist and are the true son of Abraham and the rightful heirs of this G-d given land of Israel.

YES – we have woken up !!!!

HASHEMS ETERNAL PEOPLE WILL BE VICTORIOUS – BE’EZRAT HASHEM !!!יחד ננצח ונשמור על הבית !!!*** If you wish to help or be part of this war effort to protect “our/your home” – then donate to our “Sword of Jerusalem” projects….strengthening and SECURING our families in and around the Old City. Our families are taking the brunt of the hate and violence of some of these same Moslem Arabs. It’s time to stand by our families at the Jerusalem forefront.(All funds going to security response units and their apparel/equipment, bars on windows, security doors, funding of vans taking families in and out of neighbourhods, games/toys/activities for kids/families in Kfar HaTeimanim-Kidmat Zion-Old City….etc)

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Article by Daniel Luria

Daniel Luria is the Executive Director and International Spokesman for Ateret Cohanim. He is considered a global expert on Jerusalem, with a focus on urban land reclamation initiatives. he is a sought after speaker, guide, and informal educator in relation to his work in Jerusalem.

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