Our War Is About Justice

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With all of the talk these days invoking social justice, we have seen an ever increasing attack on Zionism. Although terms like occupation and settlements are used, make no mistake about it, these attacks are aimed at all of the Jewish people.

After all, Zionism is the most successful social justice movement. The Jewish people have returned to their ancient Land, their capital, as the Almighty has promised.

More so, every set back in the last 100 years to this return, in terms of pogroms or unsuccessful military campaigns is now in the process of being rectified.

Ateret Cohanim has spearheaded what we call the 7th day war. This war has not been fought with guns. Rather, it has been waged by frontline pioneers, politicians, planners, investors, and donors. Most importantly this war for the heart of Jerusalem is being waged with faith in the Almighty’s justice.

When the Roman colonizers removed the Jewish people from their Land, they assumed the Almighty’s reign had given way to their paganism and decadence. They attempted to erase our history and systematically penetrate our hearts with the belief that we were meant to be a wandering people.

We have returned. The streets are our streets. The houses are our houses. The air around us and the dirt below our feet holds within it the Divine Presence our return is meant to uncover.

Are we close? Yes. But there is so much more to be done.

David Mark
Article by David Mark

David heads up Urban Sustainability and Community Development for Ateret Cohanim where he merges his passion for sustainability and Jerusalem into a roadmap for a redeemed capital. When he is not working with Ateret Cohanim, he is intimately involved with Land Reclamation activities in Judea and Samaria and teaching chassidut to classes in Jerusalem.

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