Battling Hamas In Jerusalem

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The terrorist organization Hamas which rules the Gaza Strip has made it their goal to conquer Jerusalem in order to commemorate their 35th anniversary. While this is thankfully very much a pipe dream, Israel and the Jewish people should learn from our enemies and work even harder to prevent such a thing.

Since 1967 when the Eastern Jerusalem neighborhoods were liberated, Israel has struggled to integrate them into greater Jerusalem. Only in recent years has it become for more accepted to even travel s Jews into these neighborhoods.

Kfar Shiloach and the City of David are two examples where it is becoming far more normal for Jews to visit and live in what was once traditionally Jewish areas. This is key in integrating all parts of a untied Jerusalem.

Hamas may look forward to one day taking over Jerusalem. However, that goal will remain just a dream as long as Jerusalem remains united – not only politically, but culturally as well.

Article by ateretcohanim

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