Cleaning Up Beit Prachim – What’s Next?

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Beit Prachim is one of the few properties under the auspices of Ateret Cohanim with a sizable courtyard. More than that, it is one of the few places in the Old City where one can feel as if they are sitting in the middle of a wooded park, yet still in the middle of a city.

Now, Ateret Cohanim is preparing to install the first Old City Urban Farm at Beit Prachim. Over the last few days volunteers from the Jerusalem Heritage House helped Ateret Cohanim remove old playground items, clear trash, and move the picnic table.

With large olive and lemon trees, as well as lavender and rosemary bushes Beit Prachim is already more than just a place for families to live, it is an ecosystem unto itself. The next stage will see multiple self composting vertical growers, self irrigating planters, and two grape vines of the indigenous variety.

Our work is key to revitalizing and renewing the courtyard by flipping it from not only a play area to one where an increased level of bio-diversity exists in the heart of the urban center as well as the foundations of a fully functioning urban farm.

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David Mark
Article by David Mark

David heads up Urban Sustainability and Community Development for Ateret Cohanim where he merges his passion for sustainability and Jerusalem into a roadmap for a redeemed capital. When he is not working with Ateret Cohanim, he is intimately involved with Land Reclamation activities in Judea and Samaria and teaching chassidut to classes in Jerusalem.

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