The Answer To Terror In Jerusalem Is Greater Jewish Presence

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There is an often repeated tactic whenever a severe terror attack happens in Israel – especially in Jerusalem that the police raise their numbers, put down barricades, and increase searches. However, there is another approach. Whenever any terrorist attack happens, more Jews should be moved into what has become “Arab-Only” neighborhoods.

This includes Shiloach (aka Silwan), the Old Jewish Quarter (today’s Muslim and Christian quarters), and more. Data is clear – where Jews move, sooner or later quiet is achieved.

Yesterday’s terror attack at the entrance to the Western Wall Plaza has sent shock waves through the Israeli security circles and the public as a whole. From the bumbling of intelligence that should have led the security establishment to deduce a terror attack was coming to the attack itself, which was so close to the Western Wall.

The answer by the security officials is already is to increase police presence, but like I noted above, the answer really is to increase the Jewish presence in all of these areas. In fact, former Haaretz writer Nadav Shragai seems to echo this opinion: “Police and checkpoints will not suffice: in order to restore security to the Old City, Jewish settlement must be thickened there.”

There are already 1,000 Jews living in the Old Jewish Quarter, but we need more. There must be contiguous set of Jewish neighborhoods and a full restoration of Jewish life in what was and should be the center of Jewish life in Jerusalem.

In order for this to happen more acquisitions and development partnerships with the municipality and national government must happen. However, the most critical element now, is more and more education for Israel’s youth and Jews around the world emphasizing the historic nature of all of the Old City to Judaism. This includes the breaking down of the quarter system the British forced on Jerusalem’s majority Jewish population just over a century ago.

The time is now to change gears and begin taking back all of Jerusalem. While Ateret Cohanim is at the forefront of land reclamation in , Jerusalem is a national project – all of Am Yisrael around the world must be involved.

Article by David Mark

David is Ateret Cohanim's Director of Communications. He is a long time Land of Israel Activist, writer and film maker.

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