Hope From Jerusalem

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We know that in time of crisis that nothing unites all of us like Jerusalem.  It is the place of the improbable, which holds within it the dreams of our future.  Can it be that now with nations collapsing, fear spreading, and economic turmoil all around that Jerusalem can play the central role in our recovery? We believe it does.  This is why we held a special discussion from the Holy Land on the meaning of Jerusalem and its connection to COVID-19 aka coronavirus.  Watch below!

David Mark
Article by David Mark

David heads up Urban Sustainability and Community Development for Ateret Cohanim where he merges his passion for sustainability and Jerusalem into a roadmap for a redeemed capital. When he is not working with Ateret Cohanim, he is intimately involved with Land Reclamation activities in Judea and Samaria and teaching chassidut to classes in Jerusalem.

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