Jerusalem Is The Engine Of Redemption

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All of us yearn, desire, and strive to connect to Redemption. The Rabbis teach that the Divine Presence will not return to the Jerusalem of above until it returns to the Jerusalem of below. What they are saying is that our disconnection from our own inner Jerusalem, which our own inner connection to the Divine, is really due to the lack of connection to the physical vessels that are meant to draw us to ourselves.

The ultimate vessel for this is Jerusalem. Yes, with all of its winding alleys, and less than perfect neighborhoods, it still is the vessel for our national purpose, which is meant to draw us to who we are supposed to be.

There is an engine for Redemption. Like a magnet it pulls us towards it and thus transforms our inner worlds to that of freedom – a freedom of authenticity, of being who we always meant to be and returning to the both the inner and external Kingdom.

Jerusalem is more than a capital. It is corridor for G-D consciousness It is the desired blend of both light and vessel. This is that we are seeking and yearning. Yet, we think it is far off, but it is not. It is standing right in front of now.

Article by David Mark

David heads up outreach, education, and communications for Ateret Cohanim. Combining short films and articles, he has succeeded in spreading Ateret Cohanim's powerful message to new audiences.

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