Jerusalem Quiz – Pesach


Shalom and Chag Pesach Kasher VeSameach

Enjoy and be inspired by any style Seder that you are doing.

And if anyone “dares” ask “Ma Nishtana” –why is this night or year different from any other year…….you can answer – “Are you serious?”

With Corona virus affecting our loves in every corner of the globe –YES this period and this Pesach is different from most !!!

Please stay well, healthy and positive !!!

Refuah Shleima for those with the “corona flu” and i wish better days for those in isolation!!

PJQ1 winner was Ilan & Robin Mendelson

First correct entry picked from box with 38 entries. 

PJQ2 winner was Zvi Weiss

First correct entry picked from box with 25 entries

PJQ3 winner wasn’t to be found as no one picked out of box had all correct answers !!!!

Keep trying !!!!!


PJQ 3 


  1. What is the name of the gate of the Old City in which the paratroopers first entered in the Six day war of 1967. (Hebrew or English name)

LIONS GATE– שער האריות

2- At the very end of Shmuel (Samuel 2), King David BUYS Jerusalem. (Har HaBayit and surrounding areas.)

From whom did he purchase the area?

JEBUSITES (Or Aravnah HaYevusi)

3- Translate the following pasuk about Jerusalem 

ירושלים הבנויה כעיר שחוברה לה יחדיו. (תהילים 122)

Jerusalem the Built up – the city with power to unite. (United we stand with the built Jerusalem.)

Other combinations of Jerusalem and unity accepted.

4- Which Israeli Prime Minister first declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and in what year?

David Ben Gurion 1949 drafted his declaration….January 1950 passed law.

(In 1980, the Israeli Knesset passed a special Basic Law re Jerusalem as the United Capital city)

5 (3 parts) – Which is the largest “Quarter” of the Old City of Jerusalem? Which is the smallest? Name the 2 gates closest or adjacent to the Jewish Quarter?

Moslem Quarter (old Jewish Quarter) is the largest.

Armenian Quarter is the smallest. (Jewish Quarter is also very small in comparison to Moslem Quarter)

The 2 gates closest to Jewish Quarter – are Dung (Ashpot) and Zion Gates

Parshat – Tzav (Shabbat HaGadol)

  1. (2 parts) What is the actual hebrew date of the past Shabbat?  What were we commanded to do – what happened on the 10th Nisan in Egypt before our people left Egypt-Mitzrayim?

10th Nissan

On this day –the 10th Nissan-shabbat in that year – The Jewish people with enormous devotion and courage (mesirut nefesh) gathered the “Egyptian god – LAMB”, tied it to their bedposts or similar and waiting to sacrifice-cook, for the meal on the night before leaving Egypt.(Last night in slavery as the 10th plague was raging outside amongst the Egyptians)

  1. What is the name of the prophet mentioned at the end of the special haftara from Malachi ? (Geula-redemption  is associated with this navi)


  1. What is the pasuk in chapter 7 that mentioned 6 types of korbanot-sacrifices?

Passuk 37

 – זאת התורה לעולה למנחה ולחטאת ולאשם ולמלואים ולזבח השלמים.

  1. What are the 4 situations when a person brought a thanksgiving sacrifice? (שלמי תודה)

        Overcoming a serious illness….. Survivng a desert experience………Finishing an overseas boat trip ……and getting out of jail.

(I guess if there was a Beit HaMikdash today –overcoming the Coronavirus and everything surrounding the virus –is like all 4 reasons above!!!)

  1. Name one sacrifice of a lower sanctity category and one higher sanctity? Known as Kodashim Kalim or Kodshay Kodashim. 

Examples of Kalim- Personal Shelamim, Toda, Pesach and Bechor

Examples of Kodshey Kodashim – Olah, Chatat(Sin), Asham(Guilt), Mincha

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