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Shalom  everyone

   Hope you are all “surviving in this new indoors “Corona situation” with your closest family unit.

Refuah Shleima for those with the “corona flu” and i wish better days for those in isolation!!

ONCE AGAIN: Many of you, due to your own government’s health guidelines during this pandemic, may be at home with your children. 

Enjoy and appreciate them !!!

Ateret Cohanim’s weekly PJ Quiz

A Parsha & Jerusalem (PJ) questionnaire competition.


Each Thursday -We will draw out one entry from the “box” and the first one drawn with all 10 correct answers will be declared the winner and receive a symbolic $36 prize transferred to your bank account.

It’s a great opportunity to sit with your kids, or video-speak with your grandchildren, learn together and have some fun.

This will happen for the next 8 weeks and then, there will be a bigger harder quiz with a larger prize, in the week of Jerusalem Day – Yom Yerushalayim.

    PJQ2 winner was  ZVI WEISS – MAZAL TOV ZVI

(This week we only had 25 entries ….so keep doing the quiz by yourself, or with Google or with your kids or grandchildren….and send me your answers) 


PJQ 2 


1- What is the name of the Rabbi who blew the shofar at the Kotel in 1967 at end of the Six Day War?

Rabbi Shlomo Goren 

2- What name did Avraham give to “Jerusalem-Mt Moriah” after the AKEIDAH? Malkitzedek was king of what city?

Hashem Yireh  (Avraham)….G-d will be seen (feared in awe)

Shalem  (Malkitzedek) ….. Complete…basis of peace

By the way – the COMBINATION of these two names for the city make up the known name of Yerushalem (OUR Yerushalayim)

3- Find the missing word(s) 

עומדות היו רגלינו ———ירושלים. (תהילים)


4- Which king of Persia (maybe Jewish) allowed for the Jews to finally rebuild the Second Beit HaMikdash (Temple)?

King Darius (דריוש)

A few entries mentioned King Cyrus who was indeed an amazing Persian King who preceded King Darius, and who allowed the Jews to rebuild the Beit HaMikdash and Jerusalem, BUT the Temple wasn’t finished in his time AND the question wrote – a Persian king with possible Jewish roots. 

King Darius the Second was apparently the son of our Queen Esther !!!!  

5- How many OPEN gates are there of the Old City of Yerushalayim? Name one of the 2 CLOSED gates?

7 open gates to Old City.

The 2 known closed gates are called Mercy-רחמים (Golden Gate in some maps) and also Hulda Gates (Nearby the Double and Triple gates in southern wall of Har HaBayit) 

Parshat – VaYikrah

1- What is the hebrew word for a “sacrifice” and what is the root of the word. (Also write english translation-meaning of the root word….CLUE: when a person makes a sacrifice he has chance to get (—??—-) to Hashem)?


 Root word of Korban is “קרב”

 Meaning close/attached 

2- What are 2 main ingredients of the KORBAN MINCHA? 

Oil and Flour

3- What sacrifice (Which animal) needs to be brought if the whole nation sins by accident? (Chapter 4)

פר בן בקר – Young bull  

4- What is the Gematria (maths work re numerical value of hebrew letters) of the words – a man of you who sacrifices – אדם כי יקריב מכם? (Clue: It’s between 450-500)



5- The action of the Cohen putting his hands on top of the head of the animal before being sacrificed is called ————? 


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