THE TRUTH MUST BE TOLD: The Jews are the indigenous people of Israel

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For years the world and even some left wing media outlets in Israel have portrayed the “Arabs” as those who are “sadly displaced” from “their homes” by the illegal all-conquering Jews and who belong in this country and region, as the so-called rightful “sovereign” rulers of the land of Israel. (In their eyes Palestine)

It’s time the truth be told and screamed from every single rooftop throughout the land and the world.The Land of Israel has only one single owner and heir. The Jewish People.  The true and only INDIGENOUS PEOPLE of this land of Israel are the Jewish People.

G-d gave the land of Canaan/Israel to His people – the Jewish People.

The Jewish People are the only people who have an unbreakable bond with Jerusalem and the entire Land of Israel for close to 3800 years.The Jewish commonwealth  and the “State of Israel” with its Holy First and Second Temples existed for nearly a thousand years till the massive expulsion and dispersion into exile, 2000 years ago.There has never been a Palestinian Arab country in this region with any capital Jerusalem and there is no such centuries old nation called the Palestinians. (There does not exist such a nation with a collective heritage or history or tradition.) It is a twisted, falsified concept created as a PR tool to discredit and blacken the indigenous Jewish people and our unbreakable bond to this land of Israel.

Notwithstanding the fact that many conquerors, empires and foreigners have driven us Jews from our Homeland over the last 3000 years, we have still managed to always have a presence in our land and we have thank G-d, finally returned to OUR homeland.

Yes -that’s the definition of being the indigenous people of a land. WE-THE JEWISH PEOPLE – who have a distinct social, religious and cultural affinity to each other as a people, were the early group of people who lived in Israel and who share collective and ancestral ties to the Land of Israel

And although displaced on many occasions by Imperialists and marauding Empires (Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Moslem, Crusader, Mamluk, Ottoman, British and Jordanian), we always RETURNED HOME and we are still, the INDIGENOUS people of Israel.

Like many usurpers, invading enemies and empires before them, the Arabs have only “recently” come to Israel. (Note Mark Twain and other travelers and what they wrote in the mid 19th Century re the inhabitants of the Holy Land of Israel)

And so today – although we are being bombarded with left wing press articles about the “poor”  Arabs being “evicted” from say Sheich Jarrah and Silwan – the truth must be said and written. Many of these Arabs are simply illegal squatters with zero rights.

Others may be protected tenants and are obliged to pay rent. And others may simply be Arabs who are currently legally living on old Jewish properties and are prepared to sell. So why doesn’t the Jewish buyer (as the indigenous resident of the land) have the right to purchase and settle in the heart of Jerusalem?!!

Sheich Jarrah was first the Jewish neighborhood of Shimon HaTzaddik until the indigenous people – the Jews, were evicted and displaced by rioting and marauding Arabs. Silwan was first the Jewish neighborhood of Shiloach (Yemenite Village) until the indigenous people -the Jews, were evicted and displaced by rioting and marauding Arabs.

In many instances the Arabs are simply usurpers and illegal squatters, and this fact has been ratified by the respected Israeli courts.

Especially over the last 200 years, we- the indigenous people of the Land of Israel, have realised our centuries old dream and we have returned to our homeland.This Zionist dream or unfolding redemption process, jumped up a “gear” in 1948 and then again with the G-d inspired victory of the Six Day war in 1967.

The world (League of Nations) even recognized this fact when they declared in the early 1920s, in all world forums that “Palestine” (Then Israel plus Jordan) is the Jewish National Homeland. But it seems the “world”: has a short memory. So- We need to remind them.

Yes -we are BACK HOME and we don’t need to apologize to anyone.

Yes -we are the indigenous people of this land.

Yes -we are the natural historical and legal heirs of this land.

Yes- we won all the wars thrust upon us by our Moslem neighbors who tried unsuccessfully to drive us into the sea.

Yes -we have the full right to purchase and live in safety in any and every neighborhood of Jerusalem and throughout Israel.

And let us all remember that Israel WAS NOT only set up to be a multicultural democratic society for all citizens. It was and is first and foremost – a Jewish Homeland for the Jewish People to live in accordance to Jewish values, heritage and customs.

Article by Daniel Luria

Daniel Luria is the Executive Director and International Spokesman for Ateret Cohanim. He is considered a global expert on Jerusalem, with a focus on urban land reclamation initiatives. he is a sought after speaker, guide, and informal educator in relation to his work in Jerusalem.

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