Once upon a time…

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Once – we had a PM who was “tired of fighting and wars”.

Once – we had a Government who said to give ‘them’ weapons, for their own benefit and for them to have law and order.

Once – we had governments who applauded and encouraged giving land for “peace”.

Once – we had leaders who were prepared to hand away parts of the old city of Jerusalem.

Once – we had a swath of generals who said time and time again, that we can’t possibly take militarily control and shouldn’t go back into Gaza. The losses in Tzahal – they said, would be too great to accept. The public would never agree.

Hamas is too strong and entrenched.

Once – the words of Kahane and of ‘transfer’ were taboo (banned) or only the realm of the extreme right.

Once – the thinking of restraint, compromise, giving them work permits and funds and they will be happy – were the accepted policies, governmental thinking and concepts.

Once- it was thought that a huge strong concrete fence with cameras and sensors , backed by the iron dome is all we needed to protect ourselves.

Once- it was perfectly normal and reasonable to “accept-swallow” and “handle” a certain number of missiles, rockets or mortar shelling.

Once upon a time on “another planet”, Jews/Israelis were murdered in cold blood, some decapitated, mutilated, women raped and then shot at point blank range, children killed in front of parents and parents in front of children, families burnt alive, and  babies, children and even Holocaust survivors taken hostage.


No longer.

Never again!!!

The “Lion of Judah” has risen and Am Yisrael Chai – a nation is thinking rationally, and with a clear purpose, directive and focus to rid ourselves of the enemy “within” and around us.

7/10/23 (7th October)-  the day of the catastrophic disaster for Israel…the national ECT reset button…the day of the unfathomable Hamas-ISIS barbaric massacre – that day has changed our thinking and mindset.

The Hamas terrorists and the Gazan mob may have perpetrated a crime against humanity in the south of Israel but they effectively thrust a knife into in the heart of every single Jew around the world.

It was in reality, a wake up call- for Jews at home in Israel and for Jews around the world – still in exile.

The failed policies and concepts are now hopefully a thing of the past.

We are today in Gaza. 

We have near full control of Gaza city and the northern part of the Gaza strip.

Our Golani soldiers with Israeli flags are symbolically in the Hamas government house, and our tanks and soldiers are throughout the area.

Prayers are again heard on the Gazan coastline.

And today – others – not necessarily from the right wing camp are talking about “transfer by will”…Arab states to take the Palestinian Arab refugees from Gaza …”settlement reform” and other such Kahane like ideas.

Today we are fighting back against Hamas and it’s supporters. They are being decimated above and below the ground.

They will probably continue to exist as a concept and Moslem fundamentalist ideology but they will not exist as a military or political threat on our border. 

Today there is zero tolerance for a single rocket or missile from either Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, Yemen or Iran.

And most importantly- Today we are a beautiful united people at both the war front and home front!!

Today – the language is: “It’s them or us”!

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Rachel from Ofakim who showed faith, true grit, heroism, courage and a bit of confident chutzpah – and who amazingly overcame a hostage situation.

Today- we are all Rachel from Ofakim! 

Once upon a time, on a dark black Shabbat-Simchat Torah, lollies were handed out in Gaza, celebrating the “pure evil and the death of Jews” perpetrated by Hamas.(Like post 9/11)

But one day , there will be no more Hamas and lollies will once again be handed out to Jewish children on Simchat Torah , celebrating life, the eternal Torah, and the survival of the Jewish people in Israel.

Article by Daniel Luria

Daniel Luria is the Executive Director and International Spokesman for Ateret Cohanim. He is considered a global expert on Jerusalem, with a focus on urban land reclamation initiatives. he is a sought after speaker, guide, and informal educator in relation to his work in Jerusalem.

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