“Palestinian” Village Built On Jerusalem Land Is A Challenge To Israeli Sovereignty

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Lana is the name of the latest “Palestinian” village, built in the same style as Rawabi, the still under occupied modern “Palestinian” City built in Western Binyamin. Unlike Rawabi, which has its fare share of zoning and environmental impact violations, Lana comes with a far more serious consequence.

Part of Lana is actually being built on Jerusalem municipality land that buttresses the already overcrowded Jerusalem Arab neighborhood of Beit Hanina. This will lead to rampant destruction of the environment, increased garbage violations, stress on the traffic system, and a security nightmare, but of course this is the Palestinian Authority strategy – to essentially blur the line between Jewish sovereignty and the lack there of.

The entire strategy is not to use their money to alleviate the economic plight of PA residents, but rather build an exclusive neighborhood for “palestinians” of high socio-economic means – this according to developer Bashar al-Masri, chairman of Massar International. These pseudo national projects more often than not lead to widespread sustainability issues that Israel has to find solutions for. So while Masri and Abbas line their pockets, ordinary Israelis pick up the related costs – all the while watching their homeland stolen.

So the battle for Jerusalem continues. On one side are law breaking, environment destroying, terrorist supporting building developers and on the other side stands the Jewish people, whose return to our ancient homeland and capital is unquestionably the greatest national miracle of modern times. The Creator has given us this opportunity to stop the darkness that seeks to halt our return, but also destroy our land through wanton building and lawless actions that will have a negative effect on a large radius around the capital.

“The only way to battle this most dangerous situation is with big Jewish passionate and ideological investors.
Ateret Cohanim ISRAEL is calling on the Jewish Zionist world to wake up and mobilize,”
says Daniel Luria Executive Director of Ateret Cohanim.

Buying buildings in predominantly Arab neighborhoods, as well as developing neighborhoods that encourage a clean and sustainable urban ecosystem is the best way to stop the barbaric onslaught on the Jewish people’s homeland.

If you are interested in dedicating new homes or are willing and able to invest, own and redeem Jerusalem, please contact Daniel Luria (dljerusalem@gmail.com) from the head office of Ateret Cohanim Israel.

“They” aren’t sleeping!!

Article by David Mark

David is Ateret Cohanim's Director of Communications. He is a long time Land of Israel Activist, writer and film maker.

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