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One of the keys to community resilience is neighborhood contiguity. The ability for members of a community to share and interact in an organic manner is fundamental to the success of the collective. In urban planning, community development is taken into consideration when building roads and parks. Interaction between people is cannot be relegated to the computer alone, but rather is best expressed at meeting junctions between community members.

This applies to kids playing at a park, or adults engaging in conversation. These social interactions are foundation of a resilient community. How else can anything get done?

This is why Ateret Cohanim’s Shiloach Heights project is so important. Not only does it give Israel and the Jewish people contiguity from the top of the Shiloach to the bottom, it is this very contiguity that will change how the Shiloach functions.

Instead of a series of isolated “enclaves,” the Shiloach Heights provides for the ability for community members to walk from Beit Frumkin below to the commanding views on top of Beit Yosef with no hindrances. No more can the Shiloach be considered some random grouping of isolated Jewish homes, rather it is turning into a stable community.

Be part of one of the most exciting Jerusalem development projects and help complete the dream of a truly united Jerusalem.

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