The Fight For Sovereignty In Jerusalem


In recent weeks the “Palestinian” Authority has made worrying announcements on their intent to apply their sovereignty to areas of “East” Jerusalem.


With campaigns to renovate a number of Arab properties across the Eastern neighborhoods, the Abbas regime in Ramallah is seeking to counteract Israel’s successful rehabilitation programs in a number of these neighborhoods. While it is true that these programs have only been started as a response to more Jews returning to these neighborhoods, the fact that the municipality has been increasing its involvement in Arab neighborhoods has triggered the PA’s announcement.

One might wonder why the “Palestinian” Authority renovating houses for Arabs is such a big deal. The fact is, that none of these renovations come for free. These Arabs who get their renovated or business that gets their building fixed up by the regime in Ramallah is not forever linked. If they want to sell, they can’t.

This is why pioneering Jews are critical in guarding Israel’s sovereignty on its land. When they move into a neighborhood, police and soldiers follow. The more residents, the more the neighborhood is normalized.

Interestingly, as discussed in the above video, what we are really talking about here is personal freedom and liberty. No one should ever feel pressured to stay trapped and no one should take advantage of the destitution of another for political gain. The leftwing groups trying to stir trouble within Arab society by agitating against Israel appear more interested in using residents in Eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem for political gain.

The best way to counteract the PA’s campaign is to further Israel’s sovereignty in these neighborhoods through development and increased infrastructure projects. Only by doing the hard work and pushing forward can we succeed.

David Mark
Article by David Mark

David heads up community development and outreach for Ateret Cohanim. Besides guiding countless groups throughout the Old City and other areas of the Holy Basin, he works side by side with the team on new development projects like urban green spaces, and educational initiatives. Besides his work with Ateret Cohanim, he is intimately involved with Land Reclamation activities in Judea and Samaria, where he uses his knowledge of Permaculture, Resilient Systems, and Sustainable Development to secure Israel's sovereignty in its Biblical Homeland.

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