Terrorists Return To The Shiloach, Terror Returns To Jerusalem


In the hostage release deal Israel agreed upon with Hamas, for every hostage held by Hamas, the Jewish State must release three Arab terrorists. While we are all overjoyed to see the return of so many hostages, many of the terrorists released in return are coming to Jerusalem. Some have returned to the Shiloach neighborhood where they have in the past committed acts of terror.

This morning as the “truce” still continues in Gaza, Hamas operatives – brothers Murad Namr, 38 and Ibrahim Namr, 30 from the Eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Sur Bahir carried an attack at the entrance to Jerusalem. Using M-16s they gunned down eight Israelis, killing three, Livia Dickman, Chana Ifergen, and Rabbi Elimelech Wasserman and injuring many more.

The perpetrators of the attack were killed on the spot by reservists and an armed civilian.

This terrorist attack was no accident. It came on the heals of the daily prisoner release taking place. Both of the terrorists had spent time in Israeli prisons for previous attempted attacks and were eventually released. What they have learned is that terror pays – either they are eventually released or they die a Shahid (martyr).

Besides appropriate security and defensive measures against all terrorist and their supporters, there is one important thing that can be done and done immediately. The government needs to push even harder to buy out the current Arab population living in Eastern Jerusalem neighborhoods such as the Shiloach (aka Silwan), Ras Almud, and yes even Sur Bahir and Jabel Mukaber and make it clear to “palestinian” Arabs everywhere that Hamas’ goal of taking over Jerusalem will never happen.

Ateret Cohanim neighborhoods, with their growing populations in places like the Shiloach and Kidmat Tzion, are surrounded by terrorists and their civilian supporters. These urban Jewish pioneers are holding the line against even worse terror. However, not only do they need increased security – it is clear they need more people and more governmental support to completely change the tide. As is often said: “The best defense, is a good offense.”

It is time Israel’s government takes this statement seriously.

Article by David Mark

David is Ateret Cohanim's Director of Communications. He is a long time Land of Israel Activist, writer and film maker.

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