“We are not a conquering people; we are returning home.”


“Dear and beloved people, it is with sorrow that I inform you that my dear and beloved son Roy has passed away. My hero, Roy, chose a command path. He commanded as a platoon leader in the Tomer Company of the Givati Brigade’s Rotem Battalion. The soldiers in the company come from religious homes. They entered Gaza singing ‘I Believe,’ and his soldiers, like most of the fighters, both religious and secular, wear patches of the Temple and the Messiah, bringing the Holy Spirit into impure Gaza and purifying it. As a nation, we are now on an exodus journey, just as it was possible to enter the Land of Israel from Egypt in 11 days, but the journey took 40 years. So is our journey in the small, malicious, satanic strip. This is a campaign managed only by the Creator of the World so that we unite among ourselves! We must be mutually responsible for one another, strengthen our faith in the Creator of the World, and know that there is none but Him. Ultra-Orthodox, secular, religious—we share the land of Israel together, a land that belongs to us as part of the Promised Land, and Gaza is an integral part of it. We are not a conquering people; we are returning home. Returning to our roots in every sense. We are a spiritually strong people, and we are a light to the nations because we chose to be so, and this is a mission we must uphold. We must learn from the pure soldiers what unity, shared destiny, and strong faith in the Creator of the World are. I am proud of my kind-hearted and handsome son Roy, who excelled in everything, proud of his fighting spirit, his choices, and the care he showed for his soldiers and others. I called him my private redemption soldier, and he smiled his charming smile. I was blessed with 22 amazing years, less a week. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord. We are in the footsteps of redemption; put this firmly in your consciousness. God controls everything. In unity and faith, we will prevail.

Captain Roy Miller’s mother – proud of you, I was blessed.”

Article by ateretcohanim

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