AFSI returns “HOME” – first to break Corona blockade


Americans For A Safe Israel (AFSI) led today by Judy Kalish (daughter of Helen Freedman zl) is the first group in over 2 years to come into Israel and to tour once again with Ateret Cohanim.

This wonderful group full of vibrant ideological activists (referred to as the American “Women in Green” by Daniel Luria) have been regulars in Israel for many years, with Ateret Cohanim tours always on their itinerary.

They have been ably led for many many years by the dynamic, always positive and passionate lover of Israel – Helen Freedman z”l, who sadly passed away in the last year.

AFSI and Ateret Cohanim honoured Helen zl, by dedicating a most magnificent panorama model of the Old City and its surroundings on the upper scenic Mermelstein lookout on the rooftop of Beit Hanof. (Highest building in the Old City and under auspices of Ateret Cohanim)Daniel Luria – executive director of Ateret Cohanim took the AFSI groups on a Friday morning tour of the Old City and the old Yemenite Village of Shiloach – visiting Beit Rachel the old Beit Knesset (under restoration), the ” kids country club” of Beit Frumkin and also to the newest acquisitions in the Shiloach Heights.Judy and the AFSI group were “blown away” by the village and immediately understood the impact and strategic importance of the new buildings in the Heights of Shiloach (13 apts some in need of renovations to add all the families).

No group from overseas has toured as much with Ateret Cohanim over the years, as AFSI, and so it was more than fitting that AFSI would be the first group to tour after the last two years of the Corona blockade.Kol HaKavod to AFSI and to Judy Kalish.

May Helen Freedman z”l always be fondly remembered.

Article by Daniel Luria

Daniel Luria is the Executive Director and International Spokesman for Ateret Cohanim. He is considered a global expert on Jerusalem, with a focus on urban land reclamation initiatives. he is a sought after speaker, guide, and informal educator in relation to his work in Jerusalem.


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