Ahuvia Sandak: Some Pioneers Live Forever

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Ahuvia Sandak, a young Jewish pioneer who was killed last week in what seems more and more likely to be a police instigated “road accident” has transformed Israel since his passing. And while we hope reports of extreme negligence turn out to be not true, an important question remains: Why has an idealistic teenager’s unfortunate accidental death due to police negligence sparked a wave of protests across the country?

Let me first say, that unlike the relationship between the “settlers” of Judea and Samaria and the police in those areas, Ateret Cohanim has had a fantastic working relationship with the Jerusalem police department 9as well as the border police). One of the reasons for this is that Jerusalem is annexed and so it functions like the rest of pre-1967 Israel. Most crimes are committed by Arabs as well as building infractions and so on. The police, whether they ideologically agree with Ateret Cohanim or not are commanded to act forcibly against any infringement on Israel’s sovereignty in Jerusalem.

Unfortunately, the opposite is true in Judea and Samaria. Israel’s ambiguous policy in Judea and Samaria has left a void of sovereignty that many idealistic youth are attempting to defend against unlawful and violent arabs.

Instead of helping and supporting the youth in these areas, the police find it more expedient to “terrorize” and focus their energy in “reigning” them in, rather than enforce the law against the arabs.

Why? Some reasons stem from political bias, other reason from self-hate, and still the most definite reason is due to a systemic lack of care about doing anything against illegal arab land grabs. The youth of Judea and Samaria are attempting to do what the police, politicians, and army should be doing, but are not and this is why the law enforcement agencies, specifically in Judea and Samaria, but also on a national level see them as a “threat.”

Yes, it is true that every once in a while, a young Jew goes well beyond the law, but a singular action should not account for the zealous focus the law enforcements agencies have had towards the youth of Judea and Samaria.

Unfortunately for Am Yisrael, the police in this case appear to be covering up their involvement in the “accident” that killed Ahuvia. They are trying to prevent an independent investigation as well as continuing to harass Ahuvia’s friends and even his fiancee. None of this will end well unless the police allow for transparency.

We must remember that Ahuvia and his family and their neighbors are heroes of the pioneering movement in Judea and Samaria. The video below shows Ahuvia in the arms of his mother in Gush Katif at the time of the expulsion. The Sandaks lived in Morag and were expelled by the evil decree of the Sharon government.

The police must stop seeing the pioneering Jews of Judea and Samaria, both youth and adults as enemies and begin doing their job to help protect them and the nation’s Land over the green line the way they do in Jerusalem. If they do this, they will find willing partners.

Ahuvia Sandak, was a selfless pioneer for Israel’s Redemptive process and return to its ancestral homeland. Like the Lechi and Irgun youth at the time of the Mandate, Sandak and his friends are attempting to ensure Jewish survival and Redemption.

It is not only this selfless act of conquering and settling that gives Ahuvia a timeless transcendence, it is the reality that he has triggered that we as a nation must put down the baseless hatred of many in the law enforcement agencies towards true zionists. This awakening will not dissipate and will not disappear until righteousness is returned to the police the way it is meant to.

Article by David Mark

David is Ateret Cohanim's Director of Communications. He is a long time Land of Israel Activist, writer and film maker.

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