Unholy Trinity in Shiloach Will Not Succeed – Peace Now, Ir Amim, Radical Arabs

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The relationship between leftwing fringe radicals like Peace Now, Ir Amim and some Arabs in strategic Jerusalem neighborhoods is well documented. In many instances, and sadly, it’s these Left wing “jewish” groups, who are funding and initiating lawsuits, ON BEHALF OF THE ARABS against Ateret Cohanim or any entity that they believe is associated with Ateret Cohanim.

The most recent actions and current mission of these left wing groups, is trying to destroy the Jewish presence in the Old Yemenite Village, and to try to reverse the successes of Ateret Cohanim and the Sanctified Trust (Hekdesh) over the last few years.

Since 2004, this includes funding lawsuits of illegal Arab squatters, who are living on old Sanctified Trust lands in the Shiloach. And more recently, these “jewish” groups are trying everything within their “twisted ideological and legal arsenal” to stop the Government funding of the restoration of the old Yemenite Synagogue and Yemenite Cultural visitors center.

Due to their actions and appeals to certain Government entities, they have in fact “succeeded” in temporarily stopping approved Government funding for the massive restoration project. The financial brakes have been put on and the matter will be resolved in the courts. This is yet another hurdle to overcome, but we will overcome it!

Yemenite Village
Yemenite Village before its destruction
Yemenite Village Today – Witnessing a return of its Jewish residents

The arrogance and warped thinking of these groups, screams to the heavens. Siding with the Arabs, wanting to divide Jerusalem, and refusing to see justice take place – these left wing groups refuse to accept the simple historical fact that Silwan was a Jewish neighborhood, called Kfar HaTeimanim.

They are blind to the reality that a flourishing Jewish community of at least 144 Yemenite and Sefardi families, was decimated by Arab pogroms and riots, and by the fact that the British forcibly evicted the Jewish families in the late 1930’s. They are blind to the fact that Arab squatters were living in the massive Synagogue complex and they refuse to accept that the building is finally back in Jewish hands, and that the Government was financially assisting in the restoration project.

Yes – the Government of Israel has recognized that the site is a heritage site and they are prepared to help partially fund the restoration of the Beit Knesset (old Yemenite Synagogue) and the Yemenite Cultural Centre.

Indeed, it is the job of any Jewish Israeli Government to recognize and to fund such heritage projects, for the sake of both current and future generations.

G-d willing the current “stop” or brakes to funding will be rectified, but like usual it’s a struggle to be fought.

Do not be mistaken, the old Yemenite Village was real. The old Yemenite Village was part of our history and past and it will not be forgotten or wiped out by this unholy trinity – not by left wing radicals, and not by any single violent or otherwise Arab squatter. We will not let our heritage be wiped out. 

One way or another, we will build and restore the old Yemenite Beit Knesset in Shiloach.

Find out you can help by contacting Daniel Luria at dljerusalem@gmail.com

Article by Daniel Luria

Daniel Luria is the Executive Director and International Spokesman for Ateret Cohanim. He is considered a global expert on Jerusalem, with a focus on urban land reclamation initiatives. he is a sought after speaker, guide, and informal educator in relation to his work in Jerusalem.

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