Jerusalem The Engine Of Faith

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Jerusalem has always been a place that is connected to our future. It is true that we the Nation of Israel have returned to it. However, the Jerusalem we want to have and yearn to connect to is the one of the future.

The World is in a crisis now. We are unsure of tomorrow. What we once took for granted is no longer a given. In all of this chaos and fear there is a place filled with hope and promise. The Jerusalem of the future is in front of us – always inspiring and drawing us closer.

The Jerusalem of the future can be here now. It can give us the faith we need to make it through our stormy times.

Rav Kook teaches that while Hebron is our roots, Jerusalem is our future – our Redemption.

When we attach ourselves to the vision of Jerusalem that the prophets and sages spoke about, we understand that the things we are facing now are only the gates we must cross to reach the Jerusalem of our dreams.

Article by David Mark

David is Ateret Cohanim's Director of Communications. He is a long time Land of Israel Activist, writer and film maker.

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