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Ateret Cohanim PJ Quiz -A Parsha & Jerusalem (PJ) questionnaire competition is still happening.

It’s a great opportunity to learn yourselves…….and or sit with your kids, or video-speak with your grandchildren, learn together and have some fun.

We hope to keep sending ther quiz questions for next few weeks and then there will be a bigger harder quiz with a larger prize, in the week of Jerusalem Day – Yom Yerushalayim.

PJQ1 winner was Ilan & Robin Mendelson

First correct entry picked from box with 38 entries. 

PJQ2 winner was Zvi Weiss

First correct entry picked from box with 25 entries

PJQ3 didn’t have a winner as no correct entry was found from all of the 21 entries

PJQ4 winner was once again Zvi Weiss (9 other entries pulled from box before Zvi Weiss entry did not have ALL CORRECT ANSWERS)!!!

But keep trying everyone…..and please forward the PJQ to friends and family.




1-Which of the following neighbourhoods of Jerusalem are deemed part of “EAST” Jerusalem by the world? Rechavia, Gilo, Beit Hakerem, Ramot

Gilo and Ramot

2- In what years approximately did Jews and others start to build outside the city walls?

1860-61 with Mishkenot Shaananim and the Russian Compound

3- Yemenite Jews first came to Jerusalem from Yemen in what year? (Shiloach)

1881-82 (אעלה בתמר)

According to a couple of sources, the students of the Vilna Gaon, who were then living in Israel and who saw the unfolding Redemption process, also managed to bring a handful of Yemenite Jews to Israel in the 1830’s. Little known from this period and what transpired with the couple of Yemenite Jews)

4- Jerusalem has 70 names in our Jewish sources. Aside from Zion and Moriah, name any other 3 names? 

Yevus, Shalem, Ariel, Gan Hashem, Eden, Yafe, Yefeh Nof, Yerushalem Ir HaTzedek, Ir David, Gilaad, Levanon……etc

5 – (2 parts) For how many years did King David rule in Jerusalem? Is the original City of David – east, west, north or south of the Temple Mount?

33 years ruled in Jerusalem (Ruled previously 7 years in Chevron)

The City of David is SOUTH of the Temple Mount.

Parshat – Shmini

1-(2 parts) What are the names of the 2 sons of Aharon who were killed by a Heavenly fire? According to the Rashi  (Chapter 10 -passuk 2) name one of the reasons for their death by G-d?


Got drunk…made ruling in front of teacher Moshe…..acted by heart passion and not in accordance to command

(Still tzaddikim but the greater you are –the harsher you are judged)

2-What two things were Cohanim in service in the Mishkan-Beit HaMikdash forbidden to drink? (Chapter 10)

יין ושכר– Wine and beverage (strong drink)

3-(3 parts) What are the 2 signs needed for a kosher animal? Why is the pig different from camel, rabbit and hare? Would a giraffe be THEORETICALLY kosher?

SPLIT HOOVES and CHEW CUD (few stomachs)

Pig looks kosher from outside but internally false superficial-UNKOSHER-IMPURE. The pig has split hooves but doesn’t chew cud.

Rabbit hare and camel –all chew cud but don’t have split hooves.

Theoretically the giraffe would be kosher as it has the 2 prerequisites for being kosher but no tradition to eat and not sure where to cut on jugular(neck)

4-Why is a chasida called a chasida, according to Rashi (Chapter 11- passuk 19)?

From word –chesed-mercy-caring. She cares for her young. 

5- (2 parts) Name the 2 aspects that make a fish – kosher? Which one of following 2 statements is true? 

Every fish that has scales must also have fins.

Every fish with fins must also have scales.

Kosher fish must have fins and scales.


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