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Ateret Cohanims weekly PJ Quiz

A Parsha & Jerusalem (PJ) questionnaire competition.

HERE IS OUR Fifth ATERET COHANIM PJ QUIZ – 10 questions from Parsha & Jerusalem !!!! 

PJQ 5 


1-What is the FULL Hebrew and English dates of Israel’s Independence?  (Day-month-year)

2- Was the Old City of Jerusalem won or lost in the War of Independence?

3- How many Israeli (Jews) from within the Old City fell defending the Old City – (Clue: how many were buried in the KEVER ACHIM – joint mass grave in the Rova…now on Har HaZeitim?)

4- Some say that in 1948 we didn’t have a united “soldier” front to fight the Arab enemy. (IE/ In 1948 there wasn’t Tzahal. Rather we had fighting units from various groups. Name 2 of these groups?

5 – (2 parts) What was Jewish population of Jerusalem in 1948? What is Jewish population of Jerusalem today? (2019 figure will suffice)…..defined as modern day miracle !!!

Parshat – Acharei Mot

1-On Yom Kippur – 2 goats were part of the Temple services – one was sacrificed as atonement and the other was sent to where_________________?? See chapter 16

2-What is the biblical date of Yom Kippur and how it called in the Torah. See chapter 16- …..psukim 28-32

3- Name any 3 forbidden sexual relationships.

4-What happens in the land of Israel – when there is sexual immorality and other sins bringing moral depravity?

 5- Find the words or passuk that best describes Hashem’s admonition against Am Yisrael taking on non Jewish customs,, or acting like or imitating the non Jewish world? (Chapter 18)

Good luck.

Answer the questions and please send back to me.

   Feel free to forward to others in your communities, school friends and families. 

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