Justice Is Done In Kfar Shiloach

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Three Arab terrorists have now been charged for their March 23rd molotov cocktail attack at both police and Jewish residents.

On March 23 a driver of a protected shuttle along with a security guard, often used by Jewish residents of Kfar Shiloach came under attack from multiple molotov cocktails.

This has unfortunately become a “normal” fact of life for Jews living in this part of Jerusalem.

The molotov cocktails continued to be thrown until the front of the van ignited in flames. The driver got the vehicle to a place where he attempted to put out the flames. Unfortunately the vehicle was destroyed and thankfully no one was hurt.

Arab terror in the reborn Yemenite Village has been a near daily feature for years. This has not deterred Jewish residents of the neighborhood in reclaiming the Land that was once a thriving village made up of Jews from Yemen. This village was ultimately destroyed in 1936. Miraculously it has seen a resurgence of new Jewish residents that have brought neighborhood revitalization to both the Jewish and Arab residents.

Article by David Mark

David is Ateret Cohanim's Director of Communications. He is a long time Land of Israel Activist, writer and film maker.

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