PURIM at time of War against AMALEK – from Haman to Hamas!


It’s that beautiful time of the year, the month of Adar, with extra happiness-simcha, and the festival of Purim, with its Megilla reading, the Seuda-with extra wine and of course the “giving” of mishloach manot and gifts to the poor. (matanot la’evyonim)

But this year – 2024 – we also have THE WAR in the background and our Simcha is tempered.

We have hostages underground somewhere in Gaza…we have thousands of injured soldiers….we have 80-100,000 citizens evacuated from their homes in the north and some from the south….we have the trauma of the Hamas massacre on the 7th October….and we have our Ateret Cohanim families at the warfront in and around the Old City, with Hamas on our backdoor step.

YES: This Purim is also a time of WAR against the AMALEK OF OUR TIMES – the war “Al Aqsa Flood” as termed by the Arab world.

But just as we defeated and crushed Amalek in the past – we will defeat ALL our enemies of today and be victorious over Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, and all other Moslem fundamentalist regimes who dare to challenge or fight the children of Israel – G-d’s People.

ביחד ננצח לשמור על הבית, על המורשת ועל ירושלים
In Persia 2500 years ago – A few committed faithful Jews: Mordechai HaYehudi (From Tribe of Benjamin) and Queen Esther changed the course of Jewish history, with Hashem clearly orchestrating matters in the background, that ultimately led to the hanging of Haman and victory over his Amalek supporters…..it lead to Aliyah from Persia and the reestablishment of the “State” of Israel, …..and we witnessed the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the Beit HaMikdash(Temple), after the famous and amazing decree of Darius (son of Esther).

Queen Esther realized that she was in the position of influence and power, because of Hashem and this had to be used for the benefit of the Jewish people and Jerusalem.(?ומי יודע אם לעת כזאת הגעת למלכות)

This is one of the great messages of Purim. If you have been blessed by Hashem in any way – wealth, power, influence or any other ability – then you need to use these blessings for Jerusalem and the Jewish People.

The real story behind the story of Purim. Who has ever read the Book of Ezra to give some historical perspective to the story of Purim? How many people know that the whole story of Purim really centres around whether we can, or can’t build Jerusalem !!  YES:  It’s all about Jerusalem, belonging to the Jewish People who wish to rebuild and reclaim the city versus the Persians…the Samaritans…the sons of Haman who want to see the city internationalized and not in the hands of the Jewish People. 

They wanted Jerusalem then – and they still want Jerusalem-Al Quds-Al Aqsa today!

BUT THE BOTTOM LINE IN A NUTSHELL from the Book of Ezra First: King Cyrus allows the Jews in Babylon-Persia to return to the Land of Israel and rebuild Jerusalem. Then – King Achashveirosh stops the rebuilding of the Beit HaMikdash and Jerusalem. Then – The story of Purim unfolds as per the Megilla.(11-13 yrs) Years later the son of Esther  – King Darius II, reinstates the “old” Cyrus decree, and allows for Jerusalem to be rebuilt.On the 3rd of Adar during King Darius II reign, the walls of Jerusalem are completed and the Temple is dedicated. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

One quote to whet the appetite:

“Also I make a decree concerning what ye shall do to these elders and builders – the Jews who are building the House of G-d…..and Jerusalem…….that goods, tribute…expenses be given with all diligence…wheat, salt, wine…LET IT BE GIVEN….and anyone who alters this word, let a beam be pulled from his house, let him be lifted and fastened thereon and let his house become a dunghill…” (Ezra Chapter 6)

NO – It’s not a fundraising call by Ateret Cohanim! 

This was said by none other than King Darius II (son of Queen Esther) who called upon the Jews of the Persian Empire to help support the Jews of Jerusalem, by giving everything from gold and silver to food, to those pioneers and builders who were trying to rebuild Jerusalem, its walls and the Temple.


And the war today – the “Al Aqsa Flood” – it’s still all about Jerusalem! TODAY: Ateret Cohanim are the “diligent builders” of Jerusalem, and we call upon everyone and anyone with Jerusalem in their veins, who loves Jerusalem and who believes that she must remain united in Jewish hands, to act today and GIVE generously from the heart, in this month of ADAR!

Lip service and declarations are great and also needed. But today during this war called the AL AQSA FLOOD – we need “tachliss” (real) actions.

We need people to truly feel as “one” with our families at the Jerusalem forefront in the ARK SURVIVING THE FLOOD – Inside the Old City,  in the old Yemenite Village of Shiloach, on the Mt of Olives (Maaleh HaZeitim), and in Kidmat Zion.


Whether it be donating towards our new security response units, helping make a car park in the Shiloach, renovations to add Jewish families, adopting families, supporting our nurseries and play centers, and even financing the bigger projects, like the of restoring an old Beit Knesset in the Shiloach, etc.

Give your HALF SHEKEL – your donation – your charity/Tzeddakah to Ateret Cohanim and Jerusalem


Please note that we have an internet site in english www.ateretcohanim.org and international credit cards can be used online (primarily for USA – tax deductible receipts)

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:Thanks for showing your support in our endeavors in and around the Old City, trying to secure a united Jerusalem and keeping her in Jewish hands for generations.

Article by Daniel Luria

Daniel Luria is the Executive Director and International Spokesman for Ateret Cohanim. He is considered a global expert on Jerusalem, with a focus on urban land reclamation initiatives. he is a sought after speaker, guide, and informal educator in relation to his work in Jerusalem.

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