Redeveloping and Regreening Jerusalem

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Those of us who live in Israel and have the merit to travel when we want to Jerusalem often times focus on the national and religious significance of Jerusalem, while neglecting the foward reaching expression that Jerusalem is meant to have and currently developing.

While our historical religious claims to our capital should never be second guessed, Jerusalem can and should be seen as an urban roadmap and intersection of the cosmic past and future.

After all, what other city are so many layers of human time enmeshed within one another and still ontop of that our current generation lives and expands its ever influential grasp. Space in urban settings are key, especially green spaces. Within the alleys and urban paths of Jerusalem an opportunity to use space as an intersection between the natural and developed is key.

Nothing bothers me more when I see illegal building in Jerusalem – especially when it is used to cover those moments where green spaces once existed.

Creation is a system whose perfection is both hidden and expressed within the conscious system we experience. The more we find balance in it, the more we are able to feel the Garden of Eden all around.

This is why buying and developing old Jewish property in Jerusalem is so much more than a historical endeavor, but rather one that offers an opportunity to develop and renew those areas of Jerusalem whose creative expression has been neglected. Our purchasing and renewing of Jerusalem is ultimately about renewing and redeveloping the Creation as a whole.

Our mission is not relegated to historical justice, but rather it is far wider. It is about the rebalancing of the urban setting as it connects to a true redemptive process bound up in our everyday life.

Article by David Mark

David is Ateret Cohanim's Director of Communications. He is a long time Land of Israel Activist, writer and film maker.

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