Under The Fog Of War, Kidmat Tzion Is Not Only Approved, But Gets A Bus Stop


Kidmat Tzion has always been viewed as the last piece of an essential fabric of Jewish neighborhoods in the eastern part of Jerusalem that when approved will spell the end of a “palestinian” state. It essentially blocks a potential corridor from Abu Dis to Jerusalem’s Old City. Abu Dis is an Arab occupied neighborhood or village east of Jerusalem and has long been seen as a potential political capital for the currently stillborn “palestinian” state. All it needed was a connection to Jerusalem’s Old City.

Up until October 9th, Kidmat Tzion was essentially a small outpost of Jewish families growing into a Jerusalem neighborhood whose mission has been to holdi onto a historically Jewish hillside. On October 9, 2023, the Jerusalem District Planning Committee reviewed amendments to Preliminary Plan for the eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem, and approved 348 units for Kidmat Tzion – a game changer.

In a follow up move, the city added a new bus route that will go from Maal Zeitim and Kidmat Tzion twice a day – essentially creating a real link between Kidmat Tzion and the rest of the city. This is key to fully integrating Kidmat Tzion and increasing the residents’ quality of life. Only with these changes can Israel not only ensure Jerusalem remains Jewish, but sends a message to Arabs thinking that they can wrest control over Jerusalem to think again – it won’t happen.

Article by ateretcohanim

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