The Attack On Yehuda Glick And The Need For Eastern Jerusalem Development

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The attack on former MK Yehuda Glick when he paid a “shiva call” to the family of Iyad al-Halak, an autistic Arab man who was wrongfully killed by police officers shows the deep need for further integration of Eastern Jerusalem neighborhoods. The mourning tent is situated in the Arab neighborhood of Wadi Joz and saw plenty of politicians come to it – Jew and Arab.

What makes Yehuda Glick’s attack particularly egregious is that he has repeatedly reached across cultural and religious lines to build real peace and coexistence.


So what does the attack on Yehuda Glick teach us about Jerusalem?

We must not settle only for returning to our capital and all neighborhoods within it, but we must strengthen opportunities for everyone. Development is a form of rectification and rebuilding and that is the mission we have before us.

It ultimately starts with just one Jewish family moving into a densely populated Arab neighborhood, but that family brings others and ultimately brings renewal for both Jews and Arabs of that area.

The attack on Yehua Glick in Wadi Joz shows us that we must move forward and push out bad elements in these areas, while picking up the others with increased job opportunity and a better communal standard.

It can be done – the sooner the better.

Article by David Mark

David heads up outreach, education, and communications for Ateret Cohanim. Combining short films and articles, he has succeeded in spreading Ateret Cohanim's powerful message to new audiences.

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