Jerusalem Quiz Answers – Parshat Vayikra


Jerusalem Quiz Answers

1- What is the Hebrew year when Jerusalem was liberated and returned to the Jewish people in the 6 Day War?

תשכז – 5727 (1967) 

2- Give another name for Jerusalem mentioned in the Tanach.


3- Find the missing word(s)  כי מציון תצא תורה —— מירושלים

ודבר ה

4- Which Jewish king built the first Beit HaMikdash (Temple)?

King Solomon (Shlomo HaMelech – שלמה המלך) 

5- On which mountain in Jerusalem did Akeidat Yitzchak take place?

Har HaMoriah (הר המוריה)…..G-d will be revered, feared, seen……ה” יראה 

Parsha – Vayakhel Pekudei (Re Mishkan) Answers

1- What colour was the meil of the kohen gadol?

Techelet (royal heavenly blue) , תכלת

2- Name one of the 3 precious stones on the first row of the breastplate.

Odem, Pitedah, Bareket (אדם, פטדה, ברקת) 

3- How many times in the overall Parsha was it written: 

 – “כאשר צוה ה׳ את משה״

14 is the perfect answer re these very specific words, but we also accepted  כ)כל אשר צוה ה” את משה) Or similar wording

So other answers of  16,17,18 were ok.

4- What holy object was found in the holy of holies – Kodesh  Hakodashim and what were it’s 3 measurements (Height, Width, Length)?

Aron – ארון – ארון הברית

2.5 amot length  by 1.5 amot width by 1.5 amot height

5- How many loaves of bread that never went stale, were on the Shulchan(table) in the mishkan? 

12 (לחם הפנים)

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