Jerusalem Quiz Grand Finale

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Shalom and Chag Yom Yerushalayim Sameach


(10 questions from parsha (Behar Bechukotai) and 10 questions re Jerusalem. 

Note –some questions are from previous PJQ (1-6)

Prize money – $100 

Send you answers in today to, as “CORRECT” winner will be drawn on Yom Yerushalayim !!!

PJQ 7 


1-Who built the First Temple and approximately how may years ago?

2- King David – in addition to liberating Jerusalem also bought the land from around the Temple Mount. From whom did he purchase the land? Who else bought land in the Torah. (In sefer Bereishit)

3- How many Jews (including Yeshiva students) live in the Old Jewish Quarter? (Todays Moslem and Christian Quarters) How many Jews live altogether in the Old City (Rova plus old Jewish Quarter re work of Ateret Cohanim)

4 – Which is the tallest of the following buildings – Beit HaTzalam, (House of Photographer), Beit HaNof (House of the view) or Beit Rubin? 

5- What is the name of the Chief of Central Command in the Six Day War? (Commander of Central Region) By the way – he also fought in the War of Independence.

6- Who said “Har HaBayit BeYadeinu” (Temple mount is on our hands) –הר הבית בידינו in the miraculous Six Day War? Clue – connected to the paratroopers.

7- When did the first Yemenite Jews come to Israel (What Year?) and where did they live and build their neighbourhood? 

8- The Jewish majority of the Old City was decimated by pogroms and Arab riots – when were these pogroms? (Give the years approx.)

9- What is the meaning of the words “Ateret Cohanim” ? Name 3 areas in Jerusalem where Ateret Cohanim has been involved in the revival of Jewish life?

10-  How many gates in total are there of the Old City and name the 2 closed gates?

Parshat – Behar Bechukotai

  1. What year in the “Jewish cycle” is the Shmittah year? And is it kept in Israel or all over the world?
  1. According the Torah and Hashem’s promise – How will Jews survive in the 8th year if they can’t plant in the Shmittah?
  1. What is the name of the 50th year after 7 cycles of Shemittah? And on what date is the shofar blown to herald in the special year?
  1. In the times of the Temple and when Shmittah was kept properly by an agricultural society –was the value of the land sold in the 10th year the same of the value of the same piece of land sold in the 45th year of the 50 years Jewish cycle?
  1. Is it permitted to walk into a shop and give the impression of buying, to the owner, when you have absolutely NO INTENTION to purchase anything and your killing time?
  1. Is it a Mitzvah to redeem land lost by a family member or another Jew?
  1. If an Arab comes to your home on Shabbat and wants to sell a plot of land in Jerusalem, are you permitted by Jewish law to ask a non-Jew to sign for you on the deed of sale?
  1. What are 2 “rewards” for following the Torah laws? (See start of Bechukotai)
  1. What is the numerical Gematria value of “”נגף ?
  1. How does sefer Vayikrah finish off – what are the last two words?

Good luck.

Answer the questions and please send back to me.

   Feel free to forward to others in your communities, school friends and families. 

Daniel Luria

Ateret Cohanim

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